Sunday, February 11, 2018

Review: Silent Secrets

Silent Secrets Silent Secrets by Nikki Bolvair
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I spent my weekend reading this series.. and looking back Im like whhhhyyyy? It wasn't a bad series. Really it wasn't. It just wasn't great. There wasn't a whole lot of development and it's some serious insta love shit. I feel like there was a lot of un answered questions. Like the whole thing with Talia.. What the heck happened with her? I am also SOO disappointed that we didn't get a love scene of her first time with all the guys. It's a new adult book right? So why the heck couldn't we have seen some of that action? Oh well. Tis life.

This is almost like a guilty pleasure type book for me. Because I knew it wasn't great while I was reading it but I still couldn't stop.

I know that there is a 5th book. Well I think it was just an little bit extra that the author added in for the readers. And that is super awesome of her. But I don't think I will read it.. Hell I say that but I probably will. I have no self control.

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