Friday, February 9, 2018

Review: ALPHA

ALPHA ALPHA by Karina Espinosa
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The MC is a nightmare. I mean a strait up crazy nightmare. She honestly always has been but I tried to look past it because I was into the semi romance. But now.. Now I can't take it any more. She acts like a child. And its not just like a couple actions NO every single thing she does is childish. Her temper is ridiculous. She stomps her freaking feet. I can't stand her. And I know I am on the 3rd book out of 4 but I honestly don't think I can continue with it. I wan't to make her real and kill her more than I want Jem Carstairs to be real and with me. And if you know anything about anything you know that is a huge freaking deal.

I also don't think it's believable that she got a bunch of other races to randomly attack the packs just for her. Yes I get that the Lunas are mistreated. Trust I freaking see that. But I just don't see the vampires giving a shit. They aren't allies. So it just makes zero sense that this no name chick came in and a month later she's got everyone attack each other just because she deems it necessary.

So yeah. I just don't think I can read another book with her going on and on about life not being fair. And her throwing a tantrum whenever someone tells her something she doesn't agree with.

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