Sunday, October 29, 2017

Review: Just Her Luck

Just Her Luck Just Her Luck by Jeanette Lynn
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I tried with this book. I really did because I have heard lots of great things about it but I just could not like it... at all. And I won't lie to you guys.. I honestly didn't finish it. I was going to force myself so that I could write a full honest review but I hated literally everything about it. I got to 56% and I just can't waste any more of my life on it.

Genevieve is different.. and by different I mean she has tattoos and piercings.. I also have tattoos and piercings so apparently I'm different as well. But seriously this book talks about her different..ness so dang much. I wanted to scream! She isn't different!!! I had to go look and see when this book was written because I thought well maybe if it was written a million years ago but no it was written in 2014 so I mean no one cares about tattoos! and hers was on her freaking leg! Hello you can hide that shit if you need to be all proper like. GAH. And then we have her damn personality. IT's awful. I think I understand what the author was going for.. a quirky independent "different" female but it came off like a petulant child. She screamed at her new boss the moment she met him.. I mean.. come on. And she screamed and threw a fit every other page. She was a freaking psychopath. I have not hated a character as much as I hated her in a long while.

And then we have the men... who are also idiots. You have a crazy lady screaming like a banshee and they are all attracted to that? No not buying it. And I won't get into the creepy factor with Ephraim.. ok yes I will. They author made him seem child like. so it was really weird for me to read about him having sex. It made me uncomfortable.

I hate that I paid money for this book. I hate that I have been reading it during all my free time this weekend. I just hated it. And I am sorry if it seems that I am being excessively cruel but honestly there was no holding this back. Oh I forgot to mention that this book was extremely long. I mean 719 pages!!!!!!! 719 pages of a crazy women throwing tantrums about absolutely nothing. Seriously nothing.

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