Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Moon Hunted

Moon Hunted Moon Hunted by Jennifer Snyder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay first off, Mina doesn't like dogs, therefore I don't like her. No really she doesn't like dogs! Or cats. I can understand not liking cats I guess but dogs?! Nope.

This book was short and sweet. I really wish Mina would loose the human though. Eli is so much better. Dating Alec is putting herself and her pack in danger because Alec is friends with Shane. I thought Alec was cute in the first book and honestly he was cute in this book too but I was hoping that she would go to Eli in this one.

There was one part in the book where Mina was an idiot and it kind of bothered me. If someone who you know is trying to cage you and your pack, it's probably not a great idea to accept a drink from him.. just saying.

Other than that one time where it truly bothered me how dumb she was being I really loved this book. I love the plot line. I love that there is a "friend" or really a friend of a friend trying to kidnap her or her pack. I think it is an interesting element in the story because it isn't some random character. I also love Eli and Mina. I think they are perfect and Mina needs to get with the program and see it!

I can not wait to get my hands on the next one!!

*This ARC was generously given to me by the author*

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