Friday, September 8, 2017

Review: Deep Redemption

Deep Redemption Deep Redemption by Tillie Cole
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Probably spoilers.. yeah probably.

okay so here's the thing.. I did not like this book at all. I know that I am in the minority because the book has a 4.45 rating on GR and thats insanely high and a lot of my GR friends loved this book but I just couldn't love it.

The writing was fantastic, like all of Tillie Cole's books but I HATED that Rider/Cain got a redemption book. I HATE it. The dude has done way too many bad things for me to ever be able to forgive him. I understand that he had no idea that they were sexually assaulting little kids but god in the last book his brother straight up showed him videos of naked 8 years olds. And Cain still wanted to believe in his people? Fuck that. I am sorry. I don't care what good he did in this book and I don't care what good he does in the future, I will never forgive him. Therefore I was not able to get into this book at all. I didn't want to read about his romance and I really didn't want him to end up back at the club. The guy does not deserve to be around those people.

So I have a hard time rating this book. Because 1: I KNEW I wasn't going to like it because I don't feel like Cain should have redemption. 2: I obviously went into this book with a negative attitude. 3: I have huge issues when an author tries to make a bad guy good.. at least a guy that was as bad as Rider/Cain was. There is no coming back from kidnapping someone and bringing her back to a cult that raped her when she was 8. Mae straight up told him that was what happened and he didn't believe. I honestly can't think of another book where the bad guy was as bad as Cain and the author tried to redeem him. I just can't handle it.

MEH oh well 2 stars and thats is only because the writing was awesome. The only reason I finally read this book is because I want to move on with the other hangmen and I knew that I couldn't skip one of the books

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