Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: Fire in His Kiss

Fire in His Kiss Fire in His Kiss by Ruby Dixon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

eeep... this book got 2 stars for Dakh alone. I really disliked everything else about it. Sasha was weak and annoying. Wasn't she kind of a badass in the last book? Idk I honestly can't remember. But I hated her in this one. She acted like a naive child. And given what she was forced to do to survive, I wouldn't think that she would be that way. She was given the chance to have the man that tortured her killed and she declined??? REALLY. Thats not mercy, that's stupidity and it ended up blowing up in her face. So freaking stupid. Dakh was adorable and I loved him so so much. I LOVE that we got into his mind. He was so clueless on how to get Sasha to mate with him. God that picnic? Seriously adorable.

The storyline was.. well it was boring. But I don't know if that was because I honestly hated Sasha so much that everything she did annoyed me. So maybe the story was good but I couldn't look past the terrible character.

So if it wasn't for Dakh, this book would be a 1 star. So yay for him. I love Ruby Dixon and until this book I have pretty much loved everything she has written. So i will be reading the next book for sure. Sasha was just a terrible character and I couldn't get over it.

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