Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Review: Kraven

Kraven Kraven by Laurann Dohner
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

mmm no. Batina (Bat) was a stuck up bitch. I feel like there is a line when it comes to strong heroines. A line that separates the bitches from the strong and Bat was a BITCH . Let's jump past the beginning because I wouldn't believe it if someone told me they were a vamp/lycan. I would not have been as bitchy as Bat was but I would not have believed him either. So yeah let's jump past that. Bat and Kraven are running for their lives. They are on their way to LA to see the doctor that took care of Bat and her sister. And on this long ass road trip Bat refused to eat fast food. She had to be taken to a nice restaurant. Bitch please. People want you dead!!!!! She also "shopped" at the gas stations, instead of running in there grabbing chips and running out she freaking shopped around! She refused to listen to Kraven when he wanted to leave her apartment because it wasn't safe. She refused to even consider living in Alaska with Kraven even though it was obvious the city was painful to him. She also hated the way Kraven dressed and did his hair. It wasn't good enough to meet her boss. She was just a freaking bitch.

And honestly Kraven was kind of terrible too. At first he was. He was better than Bat. He at least wanted to try and make her happy where Bat just wanted to make Bat happy.

Besides me hating Bat with all of my freaking soul, I hated that this book overlapped the first book. I hate, HATE when books do that. Because I already kind of know what happens. I am just seeing it from a different perspective. Yes some things are obviously different but ultimately the stories are the same.

So this was a huge freaking no for me. I hated everything and I mean everything about it.

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