Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review: Burn

Burn Burn by Suzanne Wright
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sooo...Um.. I didn't really like this book. I have devoured everything that Suzanne Wright has written. I am completely obsessed with her female characters. But I did not like Harper. She tried way too hard to be a badass and it annoyed me. I also feel like the conversations were awkward and forced. Also there was SO much repetition!!! OMG I can not even explain how freaking annoying that was. Her eyes change colors, I get it. His phantom fingers are cold but burn. And holy crap, they had to reassure each other that they were into each other the whole damn book. 'I'm not going to leave ever. You are beautiful. I want you over all others. I willl never leave. I will never leave. I will never leave!' GAAAAAAHHH. I was so freaking annoyed. I also didn't like the whole anchor thing. It makes the demons possessive of each other so it's hard for them to actually find a mate. Blah.

Ok so disclosure. I listening to the audio and the narrator was TERRIBLE. She was one of the worst narrators I've ever listened to. And we all know that ruins book so I will probably give this book another try but Ill get a hard copy of it. :/ 2 stars is generous because Suzanne is usually my girl and I love her and he hilarious females but not so much this one.

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