Monday, May 22, 2017

Review: Barbarian

Barbarian Barbarian by Kim Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok so I picked the book up because I am in a Ruby Dixon Ice Barbarian Facebook group and someone posted that this book is a copycat book of the blue alien hotness that is the ice barbarians but I mean it really wasn't. The aliens are blue sure but that's it.. There's only so many colors the aliens can be and green is just tacky and red is scary so blue is the perfect median shade. (did I really just ramble about colors?.. YUP)

Anyways so these women were taken from Earth (again I see the similarities but it's also a pretty popular alien trope) They take over the ship and crash on some random planet and the women get separated. Avery gets snatched up by Turic, our friendly blue alien. They don't speak the same language. And they sleep together pretty much immediately. But that's okay. The book is short and it was surprisingly really funny. Avery named one of the other aliens Cookie Monster and the aliens refer to themselves so he's all "Cookie monster will protect you with his life!" and then I'm falling out of my chair laughing.. Idk why that's so funny but it is. Avery is hilarious.

I will defiantly be reading the next one.

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