Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: The Chosen

The Chosen The Chosen by J.R. Ward
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Okay. So Im not even done with the book yet but I don't want to forget the things that are making me mad.

So I hate Qhuinn. Like hate him. He has always been one of my favorites. But the way he talked to Layla? No. I understand that she did a bad thing but reaaaallly? Was it necessary to call her a whore and just a vessel for his children? No, no it wasn't. And then what he said to Blay!!! My sweet Blay. Blay who has put up with so much of Qhuinn's shit. OH and lets not forget that he pointed a gun at Layla while she was HOLDING his children. Parent of the fuckin year. I wanted to kill Qhuinn.

V... oh V... What the hell is happening there?? Jane is absolutely being neglectful but uh maybe talk to her?? I don't understand why

Trez... Um I feel weird that he's already 'dating' someone else... someone who looks exactly like Selena. It's only been a couple months since she died. They were only together for a little while but right now I feel like she's being cheated. Not cheated on no.. but cheated out of her story, out of her own person. She is literally being replaced with another woman who looks exactly like her but acts nothing like her. WTH is Ward thinking? It's way too soon. It was hard to like Autumn because it was too soon for Tohr. And we really didn't get a whole lot of Wellsie. But we did get a lot of Selena. So we know her and How is Trez not always going to be comparing them? And how in the hell is the real Selena ever going to add up to the fake one? Selena is getting cheated and I hate it because I really liked her character.

Okay now let's get to Layla and Xcor.... MEH . I was actually kind of excited for this book. I love a tortured hero but I think because they were already in love that their storyline just fell kind of flat. I also hated Layla. I am a new mother and there is nothing and I mean nothing that would come before my child. And Layla had to be reminded to think about her children. There were times where she was all 'You can't take me away from them! I am their mother! I will do anything for them' blah blah but then when it came to Xcor her mind got muddy.

Ok now that I have finished the book.. I did not like this one at all. The ending was terrible. I listened to the audio and everything was resolved in the last 18 minutes of the book. It was rushed and was just kind of weird... But whatevs. Also V and Jane got worse. And I still don't like the Trez with the Selena look a like.

okaaaaay. I hope the next book is better. I am actually looking forward to it.

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